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Howdy! The word "XRadianZ" comes from "X", the unknown, innate ability (or abilities) that an individual is born with and the "Radiance" that shines when that hidden talent is developed to its fullest potential. Towards this end, XRadianZ provides opportunities to students of all ages to discover and sharpen their inner talents. Simply stated, XRadianZ is the A to Z of talent.

Whatever your passion, XRadianZ is the platform for you to hone that talent to it fullest potential. Ritvika

Now that you are here, we hope you will stay and learn more about us. XRadianZ has developed a one of a kind approach to "Nurture and Culture" special talents in children and young adults from School to University level. To begin, we invite you learn about our programs and our philosophy below.

XRadianZ Membership - Programs for School and College Students

If you are here for the first time, please check the »» XRadianZ Connect Scholar's Program and our »» School Programs and »» College Programs pages. To get started, please submit your profile by emailing the filled in form available »» here. Your profile is your gateway to XRadianZ and gives us a chance to know you, your special abilities, favorite activities, or areas of interest. We will then invite you to join us as an »» XRadianZ Scholar. From there, you can become an XRadianZ Writer, Master, Star, Inventor, XRadianZ Entrepreneur, ... wherever your mind may take you. You can participate in our events and workshops all year round, identify and hone your special skills and be on your way to become what you aspire to be. At each step, we will partner with you to help you reach your goals.

Please call one of our »» Ambassadors and we would be happy to get you acquainted with XRadianZ's mission and objectives.

News & Events (For more info, see the »» News & Events page)

» Flash O'RadianZ Life & Career Magazine - First Edition out! XRadianZ is pleased to announce the publication of the 1st edition of the Flash O'RadianZ magazine for children and teens. The magazine focuses on three themes - education, information & entertainment - around issues relevant to school and college going kids and will be published monthly. Flash O'RadianZ 1st Edition 1Jan2015

Flash O'RadianZ is a contributory creative magazine and invites news, events, announcements, pics, achievements and creative material (art, stories, sketches, poetry, ... ), which come naturally to your child - to show case their scholastic and/or extracurricular talents or accomplishments. The first edition also showcases three Sci-Fi stories which were submitted by our readers as part of the 2nd XRadianZ Short Story Writing Event held in Feb 2014.

The first edition is available for viewing »» here. Through Flash O'RadianZ, we hope to find many hidden Mozarts, Picassos, Einsteins, Curies and McClintocks amongst us. We look forward to your creative submissions!

» 2nd XRadianZ Sci-Fi Short-Story Writing Event 2014. XRadianZ conducted the 2nd Science-Fiction Short-Story Writing Event for students of Grades V-XII in collaboration with Raman Science Center, Nagpur in Feb. 2014. The theme for the event was "Space Tourism - A New Frontier in Human Adventure". Futher details and results are available »» here. A BIG Thank You to all participating students, parents and teachers for their support towards the event!

Note: The 1st XRadianZ Sci-Fi Short-Story Writing Event was held in December 2009. The theme was "Life on the Moon". Details and results are available »» here.

XRadianZ is about art, music, drama, poetry, science, ..., anything that lights up your smile and brings out the radiance in your mind!